{Hers} Summer on a stick

Good morning Sunshine (Yes. I’m talking to you.  Aren’t you bright and cheerful this morning?).

I apologize for my absence yesterday.  I had a terrible migraine so rather than enjoying the smooth sounds of Maxwell (who might I add is easy on both the eyes and ears so do take a peek) with the Mr. and  Little Miss I made dinner and climbed into bed.  So much for that lemonade I was planning to make…

Well I’m back – not necessarily better than ever but nonetheless hoping that this day will not be as much of a headache as the previous one was.  I’m also looking forward to surprising the Little Miss by making some homemade popsicles this week because while the store-bought ones are good the ones we make together will be even better.  

Just in time for summer here are a few pictures of some fruity goodness on a stick from babble. And if frozen fruit is not your thing check out these watermelons on a stick from Real Simple I posted earlier this week here.  Also on my summer to do list.

{Rainbow Popsicles}

{Homemade Fudgesicles}

{Blood Orange Creamsicles}

{Watermelon Popsicles}

{Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles}

And if these lovelies didn’t do it for you there are about 175 more recipes for you to browse until you find the perfect one.   Or you could just pour some of that juice or lemonade you’ve got in the refrigerator into a popsicle mold and call it a day.  Any special treats you and your lovies looking forward to sharing this summer?

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