{Hers} The Greatest of Greats

On Sunday my daughter, cousin, and I had lunch with my great-grandmother who, for the record, prefers to just be called grandmother (guess she already knows shes great!).  At 97 years young she is just as beautiful and gracious as ever.  She has been visiting from North Carolina and after spending so much time since her last visit talking non stop about her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchild she could not wait to see us.  

Being that my grandmother loves going out we took her to a restaurant of her choosing.  We sat, talked, and ate until we could eat no more. She smiled constantly at us and although we often had to repeat things and talk loudly so as to be sure she didn’t miss anything we were saying we didn’t mind because it is not every day that one has the opportunity to be around such greatness.  Nor is it every day that a child has the opportunity to spend time with her great great grandmother.

I’m delighted to say that we spent our Sunday afternoon with one of the greats.  Seeing the joy on her face as she looked around the table at my cousin, daughter, and me brought joy to my own heart. Something so small as  taking the time to spend time meant so much.

As my cousin and I took turns helping our grandmother with her coat, getting to and from the car and buckling her seatbelt I felt honored.  I felt a deep sense of gratitude.  I realized what a blessing it was to be experiencing what I was, to be able to hold a conversation with this amazing woman who has lived and will prayerfully continue to live such a full life.

I can only hope to one day be as gracious, strong, and funny as my great-grandmother is.  I can only hope that I too will one day be just as great.  For now she happens to be the greatest of greats.

– His Mrs.

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