{Theirs} Papa’s (and Mama’s) got a brand new blog

His Mrs., Her Mr., and Their Little Miss

After several  successful joint ventures including marriage and parenthood we decided to add another to the list – blogging.  Both of us do a little blogging here and there on our own and are avid readers of several.  We decided why not keep doing what we’re doing (and enjoying) only this time do it  – together.

For those of you who do not know us you will come to see that we are so alike and yet so different.  In terms of  our likes and interests one might say we’re opposites.  For those that do know us this blog will probably confirm that.  Nevertheless, we’ve made the decision to embrace our differences and use them as a platform to bring us closer together and hopefully inspire others to  not only embrace their own differences but to also celebrate them.  Not to mention ever so often we surprise ourselves and find that we actually like (and love) many of the same things!

We also decided  who couldn’t use a little more “happy” in their lives?!  We certainly could use a little bit more ourselves. We spend so much time working and such a small amount of time being with the people we love most and doing things that bring us joy and you know what all work and no play did to Jack.  In an effort to up our happy and have fun doing it you can expect to find many posts about the things that bring a smile to our faces and hearts.  Hopefully they will do the same to yours.

And so it begins.  Join us as we share His likes.  Her loves. And our journey as Mr. and Mrs.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back often!

– Mr. & Mrs.

{Photo by Gib Sarmiento}

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