Books to Help Encourage Empathy in Your Kid

My children are a gift to me, and I hope to raise them in such a way that they are also a gift to this world. At 2 and 10 they are exemplifying behaviors that reflect values most important to my husband and me.

One of the things I’ve always tried to do is provide them with opportunities to see other people (including me) model kindness and show empathy. Sometimes these are real life people and other times they are characters in a movie or, even better, a book.

Find out 11 books that can support you in raising (more) empathetic children at

Unreasonable Requests I Make, According to My Kids

HisMrsHerMr Unreasonable Requests

Sometimes I have the nerve to ask my kids to do things that they just can’t do. At least not right now. By the sixth or seventh time I’ve asked them, things begin to look more promising. I, on the other-hand, begin to look more frazzled. There are a few things that I find myself […]

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A Few Questions Worth Asking Before the Next Playdate

As a little girl I spent many school day afternoons and summer days at my friends’ houses. We had slumber parties and beach trips, and so many of my greatest childhood memories take place in their backyards and living rooms. I also vividly remember the phone and face-to-face conversations that often took place before the […]

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My Thoughts on Sleepovers

Recently my 10-year-old daughter boarded a bus in route to summer camp. I sobbed as soon as I got back into the car. I missed her already. For four days and three nights she would be beyond my grasp. I wouldn’t be there to pray with her, to kiss her forehead as she drifted off […]

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Learning the True Meaning of Wealth


This post is part of Generation One Blog Tour which I am excited to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more and to join us as we tell the world how we are creating generational wealth, CLICK HERE!   Growing up I learned quickly that money was for spending. My grandmother had closets filled […]

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On Staying Married for the Kids

“Don’t stay married for the kids.” I’ve heard those words from countless men and women who somehow found themselves on the other side of marriage — divorced, and whether out of a desire for non-coupled company or just trying to do the best thing, never hesitated to advertise the greenness of their grass. To be […]

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Thoughts on Coordinating Sibling Outfits

coordinating sibling outfits do or don't HisMrsHerMr 1

I’m that mom. The mom who looks at a dress that’s available in multiple sizes and sees opportunity. I am convinced that matching (fashion) moments don’t have to be limited to Christmas jammies. I tend to love coordinating my kids’ clothes and from time to time I will even jump in on the fun if […]

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TV Families I’m Way Too Emotionally Invested In

Summer is in full swing, and with that comes a chance to catch up on all of my favorite television shows and maybe revisit a few modern day classics—and perhaps give my heart some time to return to its normal state. The spring season of television was so intense that toward the end I decided […]

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Signs Your Daughter Is a Daddy’s Girl

HisMrsHerMr daddys girl

I can vaguely recall a time when my girls were crazy about me. They wanted to be by my side constantly; their eyes would grow wide each time they saw me. But then one day I stopped nursing and apparently lost some of my sparkle. My husband, however, the consistent one that he is, just […]

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Why We Often Put Our Dreams on Hold

HisMrsHerMr momdotme

During a virtual conversation with a friend, she shared with me her belief that I was capable of more than I realized. Essentially I should dream big because I can achieve big things. It must have been obvious that self doubt had crept in along the way, causing me to feel less capable, qualified and […]

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