Marriage Brings Out the Worst in Me (but that’s not all)

My husband brings out the best in me but that’s only half of the story … he also brings out the worst in me.

He brings out the parts of me that I am embarrassed to say are there. The parts that I don’t want others to see for fear that they might overshadow the good parts of whom I am, behaviors that spill out in the heat of the moment leaving us to both wonder if it was always there buried within.

It’s sort of that phenomenon where beautiful (now now, I’m not saying I’m beautiful) people can instantly turn ugly with the uttering of a few words. Isn’t that the way it often works?

Sure, we give our best to our partners. But we also give them our worst. We give them our ugly — the things that we bit our tongues about throughout the workday or carried with us on the drive home, only to spill out as we trudge into the house or engage in a disagreement with our spouse. We’re not monsters, of course, and we don’t always behave this immaturely, just enough to be occasionally reminded that we are indeed flawed.

Several months ago, our family was driving a couple hours away to attend a baptism. In the car, I read him an article on marriage featured in Deeply Rooted Magazine. A particular set of words stung, and as I swallowed them, I felt myself concurrently swallowing my pride.

“God’s going to use your spouse to show you parts of yourself that are ugly, things that are not conformed to the fullness of Christ.”

I reflected on that passage, realizing that marriage has done this — shown me my ugly. Marriage has magnified my flaws, making them impossible to ignore.

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Complete, but Never Completed (Saying Goodbye to Disney Baby)

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Last month, we went to Disneyland to celebrate my littlest love’s birthday. She’s got a soft spot for the mouse, and it was so fun recreating the magic that occurred years earlier when we took her older sister to Disneyland to celebrate her second birthday. As we walked around immersing ourselves in some Disney magic, […]

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My Speech

Last week following my speech I was encouraged and asked to share it on my blog. I had received such kind and heartfelt feedback and it was believed that my words could help others. It was after the speech — after an embrace with a new friend, who shares a story similar to mine, and […]

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Memories over Merchandise: What Downsizing Taught Me

Memories His Mrs Her Mr

About a month ago my family and I moved from an almost 1400 square foot house to a 900 square foot apartment. When we talked about the difference in square feet I kept telling my husband and myself it wouldn’t be that bad. “It’s just one less bedroom.” Our old place had three and this […]

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Recreating the Magic

Recreating the magic His Mrs Her Mr

Ever so often we are presented with a chance to recreate magic. This month I was given the opportunity to do that. Our family traveled to the Magic Kingdom in celebration of Lola’s second birthday. We were dressed in smiles, as was she. But she was also dressed in her big sister’s Minnie Mouse dress. […]

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Thoughts on Tweens and Braces + An Invisalign Giveaway

His Mrs Her Mr ortho visit

I can’t really pinpoint when exactly I became self-conscious about my teeth. But I did and I was only in elementary school. As a result the way I smiled changed. The way I laughed changed. Rather than focusing on enjoying what remained of my youth I was obsessed with my appearance and laden with my […]

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Breastfeeding the Second Time Around #ChocolateMilk


This month, in celebration of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I had the honor of participating in the #chocolatemilk campaign. If you haven’t been following along I encourage you to take a look. Whether you breastfeed, bottlefeed or do both the stories will touch, inspire and encourage you. Thank you Heather for allowing me to be […]

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How Blogging About My Marriage Made It Stronger

His Mrs Her Mr

Not long ago, I discovered that social media prenups were a thing. In the past, I’ve written about my disdain for prenuptial agreements and while I can’t say I agree with the idea of a social media prenup, I do understand why it’s up for discussion. Countless relationships have gone awry as the result of […]

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Saying Goodbye to This Season

HisMrsHerMr silverlinings

This week my oldest returned to school. It’s a marker for me – a clear indicator that summer as we know it is almost over. As the final weeks of summer slip away I find myself grasping on to whatever is left of it. An ice cream date after school. An evening trip to the […]

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Our New Definition of Home

As I type this, boxes are sprinkled throughout the house. Some are filled with things that we are keeping, others with things that we are donating. We are in a stage of purging, and although it’s freeing, it’s also terrifying because it’s symbolic of the change that had seemed to be on the horizon for […]

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