TV Moms You Totally Want To Be BFFs With

If you missed it, I’m sharing 19 TV moms you would totally want to have as BFFs over at BuzzFeed :)


(Last Night’s) Late night ramblings

I’m in one of those seasons that feels so uncomfortable. I’m restless and yet exhausted. I keep shifting and adjusting in an effort to get comfortable. And I just can’t. Wasn’t I just here? I’m over thinking everything. I want to make all the right choices because I’m terrified of making the wrong ones. I […]

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The Tough Question Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

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How will you be remembered? It’s a question that is often at the forefront of my mind these days. See, it occurred to me recently that I’m doing more than just living — I’m creating a legacy. I’m authoring my story but the thing is, it isn’t just my story anymore, because I have a […]

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#RaisingReaders: Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading In Your Children

Ways To Cultivate A Love Of Reading In Your Children HisMrsHerMr

One of my favorite things to do with my girls is read. As they continue to grow I can only hope that they will love books as much as they do now. Of course, I’m doing everything I can to help ensure that love doesn’t dwindle. Things like: 1. Reading to your children as early […]

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Things That Happen While Parenting A Tween

Not long ago I declared I was taking a break from blogging. I was ready to embrace my new truth. And then this happened: Some time after I made the decision to take a break from blogging an opportunity that was perfect for where I am in life right now presented itself. Feeling oh so […]

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What No One Tells You About Parenting a Tween


Everyone is quick to offer pearls of wisdom for the baby years, and words of sympathy when that baby seemingly overnight turns into a teen … but no one really talks about what happens right before. Specifically, the tween years. They’re an introduction to the teen years, a reminder to enjoy what’s left of childhood, […]

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Cliché Photos Married Couples Have

HisMrsHerMr married couple pics

For some married couples, their cell phone’s Instagram/Facebook feed serves as a highlight reel of their relationship. A steady stream of countless moments that come together to tell a love story: their unique love story. But take a scroll down any couple’s digital photo albums and you’ll very likely see the same images over-and-over again […]

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Habits That Make for an Unhappy Mom

HisMrsHerMr happiness

Everyone says happiness is a choice. As someone with a history of depression I often find that concept slightly difficult to digest. How can something so complex as happiness come down to one decision: a decision to be or not to be? For me, it’s easier to think of happiness as the outcome of a […]

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Evening Activities for Kids

It may be getting dark early, but that doesn’t mean your day of play gets cut short. Short days and long nights means a chance to deviate from typical family activities and try new things. There’s so much to do come nightfall in LA, both indoors and out, that you may even be tempted to […]

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Why You Should Forgive Your Ex (Especially if You Have a Child with Them)

“She looks just like her father.” I flushed every time I heard these words, hoping the discomfort I felt was hidden by my brown skin. I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel, I just knew hearing that didn’t feel good. Naturally my daughter would look like him. She has half of his DNA, after all. […]

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