How Children are Like Mirrors

mirrors His Mrs. Her Mr.

The memory is a vivid one: my toddler yelling, “No Stella. Go home Stella,” as the dog circles her high chair.

“Stella just wanted to say hello to you,” I tell her.

“Okay,” she replied.

In that moment, I saw myself. How I’ve often been annoyed with our furry baby in the past. Telling her to “go home” to her area each time she placed her head in my lap or leaned on my legs underneath the table.

That moment forced me to look at my own self in a way that I hadn’t. It wasn’t until I saw an undesirable behavior of mine manifested in my little one that I realized I needed to make some changes.

During the time I became pregnant and had given birth, I stopped loving on our dog the way I did before. I stopped extending the grace I once did when we brought her home, excited to have her as a part of our family. Instead I complained, because I was tired of always cleaning up dog hair, or because she had chewed a number of itty bitty baby things. But just like the rest of us, all she really wanted was to be loved. (I’m happy to report I’ve been much more patient and attentive to my furry baby these days.)

Our children are like mirrors. In looking at them, there are times when see our own selves.

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How Motherhood Prepared me for Marriage

how motherhood prepared me for marriage

Photo by Visionaries Media  I met my husband when my daughter was just a year old and several years later we got married. Since that day I’ve felt compelled to be the best wife (and mother) I can be. But my journey to being the best wife I could be didn’t start on my wedding day. It […]

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Keeping Cool in the 818

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This month I wrote a post for Red Tricycle! Having been a reader for quite some time this proved to be rather exciting for this good eats and (mini) adventure loving mama. For this post I shared a few places to enjoy a frozen treat here in the valley. Next week is going to be […]

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“Sit Here, Mommy”

mommy and mini His Mrs Her Mr

This week, my littlest and I went to the park, just the two of us. We’ve been going more often and it has been fun to watch her confidence increase with each visit. Throughout our time there, she would have moments where she would stop playing. She would look at me and pat the toddler-sized […]

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Happy Father’s Day Prince Charming

Prince Charming His Mrs. Her Mr.

Most of the Disney Princesses weren’t without a prince. And at just a few months shy of being two years old, my littlest isn’t either. My oldest daughter has a sign that reads: “My prince did come; I call him daddy.” As it would turn out, the first gentleman my daughters fell for is their […]

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The Last Day of 4th Grade

I wrote this on your last day of school. One day you will scroll through countless photos on IG and may or may not read the captains. So, I am posting it here too…just in case. (posted 6.5.14) For this child I prayed.” Today is the last day of 4th grade for my oldest baby. […]

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Because Maternal Mental Health Matters

Dear family and friends, On June 21st I will be participating in the 2nd Annual Climb out of Darkness. All over the world people will come together “to raise awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and provide support to pregnant and new moms.” This climb is symbolic of the journey so many of us […]

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Signs You Live with a Toddler

Signs of Toddlerhood HisMrsHerMr

Although there are telltale signs that your little one has made the transition from babyhood to toddlerhood; there are also some clear indicators that you’ve made the transition to parenting a toddler. Read 15 signs you’re living with a toddler over at Disney Baby p.s. 30 Signs Your Baby Has Made the Transition to Toddlerhood. […]

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Letter to my daughters // 29

His Mrs Her Mr sisters

Dear Jalayla Bee and Lola Bee, It’s been a while since I’ve written here in this space. With the exception of posting articles I’ve written elsewhere I’ve struggled to sit here and write. I’ve had days where I’ve wanted to abandon blogging and writing in general and then I’ve had days where I’ve wanted to […]

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Toddlerhood His Mrs Her Mr

It happened. My sweet yet fiery baby girl turned into a toddler. The transition gradual, although in hindsight instantaneous. And despite my proclamations that she is and forever will be my baby I know that she is a baby no longer. I know that the little footsteps that run through the house are those of […]

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